Online Mobile Marketing Trends and Benefits of SMS Marketing
This incredible infographic shows the online mobile marketing trends and benefits of SMS marketing.

"Our dental office clients have seen great returns in their SMS campaigns. They usually set up automatic text reminders for their teeth cleanings and annual checkups. These messages will have a link with their phone number that allows for a simple click and call. People feel more comfortable giving out their phone number to businesses, and very few businesses are sending them text messages. This makes the ROI for text messaging extremely high."

SMS Mobile Marketing Infographic Stats 2012


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The Rise of Business SMS

Business SMS for Different Industries

The top 5 industries when it comes to using SMS are recruitment, miscellaneous, software, marketing agencies, and retailers


Industries That Send the Most Business SMS

The top 5 industries that send the most are leisure, miscellaneous, recruitment, retailers, and software


How Big is Mobile?

5.9 billion people worldwide have mobile phone subscriptions

87% of people in the world have mobile phones

18.5% more mobile device sales were made in 2010 as compared to 2009


The Growth of Mobile Advertising Budgets

Budgets for mobile marketing are growing at a growth rate of 26% a year

In 2009, a total of $1.7 billion was spent on mobile marketing

69% of businesses reported that they would consider mobile marketing over traditional mediums


Importance of SMS

45% of customers notice mobile advertising and 29% actually respond to it

60% of people do not have phones with internet access and 76% of mobile phone users do not even use it if they have one


A2P Messaging

A2P (Application to Person) is when a business contacts a customer

The messages consist of:

   Advertising and sales

   Financial services

   Confirmation messages





By 2016, revenue from A2P SMS will be over $70 billion