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Social Media Marketing Testimonials
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Social Media Marketing Services Overview

Facebook Social Media Marketing Overview

Facebook Page Management
The goal of our Facebook management service is to increase the engagement rate with the existing base of Facebook fans. One of the ways that we accomplish this is through an ongoing content marketing system that runs through the website of the client. Our system publishes articles with infographics that have a proven track record of being shared within Facebook. This allows us to send high converting traffic to pages within your site that reinforce social media marketing via sharing.

Facebook Like Building
We work with our clients to increase the total number of prospects and customers that have liked their Facebook page. Every social media marketing campaign is unique to each client, and we focus on leveraging existing assets that will deliver the highest ROI.

Facebook Social Media Advertising
We create and manage Facebook ad campaigns for our clients. Our social media ad experts create custom Facebook ad campaigns that are designed to focus in on the ideal target audience with the highest conversion rate. The design team also creates custom landing pages tailored to be congruent with each advertisement.

Example of Good Placement of Facebook Share Button
The blog WPVirtuoso does a really good job at placing its Facebook share buttons at the bottom of each post. They also place a nice call-to-action statement right in front of it that reads, "Share this post now." Just by placing a few good words next to a like button can double the amount of likes a post will get.

Twitter Social Media Marketing Overview

Twitter Account Management
As with Facebook, we leverage our content marketing system to push targeted Twitter traffic back to the client's website. The end goal is to drive more revenue from social media marketing. This is accomplished by creating tweets that having the highest click through and retweet rate. The two major components of a successful tweet are the message and the landing page.

Increasing Twitter Followers
One of the primary goals of our social media marketing campaigns is to increase the total number of Twitter followers to our clients. The number of followers that a company has can influence everything from the conversions ratio of the site to how long a visitor will stay on a website. We use a variety of social media marketing techniques and strategies to increase this number.

Twitter Social Media Advertising
We use a network of the most influential users on Twitter to promote our clients to. The network is made up of over 42,000 people and businesses that have agreed to tweet out messages in exchange for getting paid for each click that the tweet generates. We also work with high profile celebrities that are paid per tweet as opposed to per click.

Example of Good Placement of Twitter Tweet Button

Social Media Marketing is a Must

Recent Social Media Marketing Statistics

53% of Twitter users recommend companies
74% of B2B companies use Facebook marketing
57% of businesses got customers via LinkedIn

75% of businesses use social media marketing
$3.1 billion on social media marketing in 2014
Facebook has 42 million "Pages" with 10+ likes
B2B social media marketing spending rose 67%

20% of visitors to biz sites are from social media
66% that follow a brand on Twitter will purchase
66% increased SEO rankings from social media

91% of social marketers see improved site traffic
130 is the average friends per Facebook user
Social media commerce will top $30 billion in 2015
26% of retweets are created by requested a RT

50% of smartphones connect to Facebook hourly
552 million active users on Facebook
Average Facebook user logs in 6.5 hours monthly

75% of businesses use social media marketing
Twitter is made up of 60% females and 40% males
Google+ userbase is 69% males and 31% females
Pinterest users are 79% female and 21% male

58% of all Facebook users retun to site daily
There are 500+ million likes on Facebook everyday
250 million photos are added to Facebook daily

26% of Twitter retweets have "please RT" in it
1 million new Twitter accounts are added daily
YouTube has 4 billion videos viewded every day
The average Pinterest user has 171 pins

67% of people like biz pages for coupons
28% of users share deals through social media
91% of mobile internet access is for social media
Google +1 buttons are served 5 billion times daily

Social Media Marketing Strategies

Twitter Social Media Marketing Tactics
Write 120 and 130 characters per tweet.
Use "Please RT" at the end of each tweet.
Use action verbs in your tweets.
Tweets in the afternoon get the most clicks.

Facebook Social Media Marketing Strategy
Facebook fans want coupons and discounts.
Limit your updates to 90 characters.
Images on updates have the most shares.
Ask questions in your updates and engage.
Optimize posts to be seen on a mobile phone.

YouTube Social Media Marketing Musts
Use an HD camera for your videos.
Optimize your title for keyword searches.
Write detailed descriptions over 300 words.
Create videos between 3-15 minutes in length.

Our Social Media Marketing Focus

Twitter Social Media Marketing Services
We focus our Twitter efforts on helping small businesses increase their Twitter followers count. A high follower count plays a vital role in the conversion rate of a website by establishing trust between the visitor and the company. See our social media testimonials from clients.

YouTube Social Media Marketing Services
Our overall goal with our YouTube marketing services is to increase the visibility of our clients' videos. Through increasing their views and subscribers, we are able to significantly increase organic views by having their videos rank highly in YouTube and Google search.

Best Times to Share on Social Media

Facebook Status Updates and Likes
The best time to share is between 1pm and 4pm. The traffic builds after 9am, and the peak time for the week is at 3pm on Wednesday.

Twitter Tweets and Retweets
For Twitter the best time to send out tweets are between 1pm and 3pm. The traffic begins to get going after 11am and the peak days are Monday through Thursday.

LinkedIn Shares and Updates
Since most people on LinkedIn are professional adults, the best times to share are 7am-9am and 5pm-6pm. The peak days for traffic are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Pinterest Pins and Repins
The best times for posting on Pinterest are 2pm-4pm and 8pm-1am. Moms tend to login after the children are in bed.

Social Media Marketing Examples

The Vision Launch crowdfunding blog is a great example of a blog that uses the header to promote their social media channels. They use the single letter icons for each channel, and they open up into a more colorful visual display of the channel.

Search Engine Marketing Services
These guys do a great job when it comes to search marketing and SEO.

Small Business Blog
A wonderful collection of infographics on social media.